I’m forever fascinated by the infinite
possibilities a blank canvas
risveglia agli occhi di un artista


About me

Why someone needs to communicate through Art, is such a wonderful mystery; I simply find extraordinary that no other mean we have today available in the modern society, can be of replacement: still some decide that Art is for them a much better medium to express.

As a kid, I have profound memories of loving to draw horses, with such a great deal of passion and fascination that I could get angry when results didn’t resemble reality. I wouldn’t be able to tell where this impulse came from, however, as it mysteriously appeared, similarly it vanished for a long time. It took moments of great despair, 25 years later, to realize that Art never left me, she was rather waiting for the moment to be right: this time though, I took her by hand and didn’t let go.

I love realism in Art, but I prefer avoiding photographic rendering and rather trying preserving a unique painterly look; what’s left out of the canvas is as important as what’s left in.
I like the idea of suggesting just enough details, while letting each viewer complement what’s missing through his experience as he lives the illusion in his terms: I want him to be as much a creator as I am.

Sculpting a white surface like many others, observing as it takes shape to the point it appears alive before your eyes; all of a sudden unique in its nature, forever in time.
It gets you lost for an eternal moment while touching your deepest emotions and causing detachment from life’s distractions and false priorities: this is Art through my eyes, how magnificent.